3 Simple Ways to Turn Your Outdoor Space into an Oasis

Do you want to create the perfect outdoor space, for fun, relaxation and high quality family time? Your backyard or patio should be relaxing and comfortable for every occasion and mood. Here are some simple and affordable upgrades that can easily turn your patio or backyard into a beautiful oasis you’ll always want to retreat to.   

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Add Ambiance to ‘Family Night’ With an Outdoor Kitchen

Would you like you have a romantic evening under the stars with your spouse? Or perhaps you want to include the whole family for game night outdoors!  An outdoor kitchen is a great way to enjoy your outdoor space, as it’s both functional, and affordable.  

Here are some easy ways to achieve just that:

  • Grill steak kabobs on your outdoor kitchen while you stay warm by the fire.
  • Use your outdoor kitchen for some serious family fun! Hand over some skewers and marshmallows for your kids to make s’mores, and turn your backyard into a camping extravaganza.  Spending hours enjoying family night (without ever having to leave your backyard) has never been easier.  
  • Add twinkling lights or a firepit for an extra bit of ambiance.   

Build a Gazebo or Pergola For Added Peace and Privacy

Do you have a small backyard you can’t do anything with? Does your outdoor space feel too open, or exposed?

Cypress Lawn and Landscaping offers personalized landscape design, giving your backyard an elegant ambiance.  Interested in adding something special to your outdoor space?

Here are a few benefits of gazebos and pergolas:

  • A pergola allows you to determine how much shade and sun you want, giving you the perfect combination of each. Pergolas are a more affordable choice than a free standing patio, but can allow you to maximize your outdoor space in the same way a patio can! At Cypress Lawn and Landscaping, it’s never been easier to transform your backyard into a practical, and elegant place to be.


  • Gazebos are low maintenance, and versatile. There’s nothing better than relaxing in your backyard, so why not make it the most enjoyable you can? A gazebo is easy to clean, simple to move, and adds an elegant feel to your outdoor space! Gazebos are also an great ‘social’ addition to your backyard get-togethers! Shield your guest from rain or too much sun, so the party can go on without the interruption of Mother Nature.

Your Custom Landscaping Options Have Never Been Easier

Designing the perfect outdoor space doesn’t have to be tricky, complicated, or expensive. We can create a beautiful outdoor kitchen and design a space for a gazebo or pergola–which is perfect for entertaining guests, or enjoying by yourself! If you are interested in transforming an outdoor space perfect for your home, reach out to us today for a free estimate

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