3 Simple Ways to Turn Your Outdoor Space into an Oasis

Do you want to create the perfect outdoor space, for fun, relaxation and high quality family time? Your backyard or patio should be relaxing and comfortable for every occasion and mood. Here are some simple and affordable upgrades that can easily turn your patio or backyard into a beautiful oasis you’ll always want to retreat to.   

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How to Properly Water And Fertilize Your Lawn

Fertilizing your lawn involves more thinking than just throwing down some fertilizer. It can be difficult to gauge how much water to use, or the size of lawn, and how to properly fertilize lawns. In this brief guide we will inform you about what you should consider in order to properly fertilize your lawn. Continue reading

Commercial Landscaping in Cypress

Preparing lawns and landscaping for a commercial area is no small task. Whether the project involves mulching, trimming, or flower installation, you want to make sure that everything will endure harsh weather and present a great view. In many instances, the landscaping is one of the first aspects of a business that customers will see. Making a professional, pleasant impression on customers can be an effective, subtle way to take the first step in building a positive relationship.

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Yard Landscaping Cypress: 3 sustainable tips

So far this spring season, there’s a third cold front that’s about to hit Houston and a foot of snow landing in Colorado. However, that summer sun will soon be out to stay, and it’s time to get your yard in order. It’s no secret that we’re a band of professional irrigators that produce yard landscaping and design, so we wanted to share a few tips with you for this spring season. In the wake of Earth Week, we also wanted to circle the theme around sustainable landscaping practices that are simple enough to add to your backyard to-do list Continue reading

Irrigation Design Cypress

Cypress Lawn and Landscaping tackles irrigation design Cypress

In the Houston area we’ve been blessed to see the rain clouds delivering their fair share a handful of times already this year. However, we’re not quite out of the drought danger zone this year, and water restrictions are likely to set in at some point throughout the Cypress summer months. When it comes to water restrictions, you want to get the most green out of your yard and wallet. That’s where hiring us for professional irrigation design is your answer. Continue reading

Sprinkler Installation Cypress

Although what seems to be copious amounts of thunder and rain have graced the Houston area, we’re still not out of the drought clear when it comes to a sustainable lawn this summer. If you’re still dragging hoses, the ones that don’t recoil when you’re done, another option is to hire Cypress Lawn and Landscaping to professionally install a sprinkler system to keep your grass alive and thriving this season. Continue reading