How to Properly Water And Fertilize Your Lawn

Fertilizing your lawn involves more thinking than just throwing down some fertilizer. It can be difficult to gauge how much water to use, or the size of lawn, and how to properly fertilize lawns. In this brief guide we will inform you about what you should consider in order to properly fertilize your lawn. Continue reading

Protecting Your Lawn from Heavy Rains

Many areas across the country see heavy rains, especially in May and October, the wettest months of the year. Rain is important to irrigate plants, but too much can obviously cause serious problems. In addition to washing away any recent seeding, pesticides and herbicides can be transferred to unintended areas and into the water system. Landscaping can also see negative effects as water chips away at soil and can end up standing over plants if adequate drainage isn’t established. With some precautions and responses, however, you can minimize the damage inflicted on your yard by the heavy rains of Spring.

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Mosquito Repelling Plants, Cypress

With the summer season finally upon us, it’s time to lounge outside grilling, swimming, playing sports, exercising, and just hanging out. Our kids are out of school and will be outside playing for most of the day. But in addition to our heightened outdoor activity, mosquitoes will also be rampant. In order to enjoy the summer more thoroughly without getting covered in bites or smelling like repellent spray, Cypress Lawn and Landscape have compiled some of the most effective mosquito repelling plants to fill your backyard with: Continue reading

Spring Lawn Preparation

With the cold lifting, and the spring season quickly approaching, it’s time to begin preparing your lawn and landscape for the upcoming warm weather that will last throughout most of the year. While it’s getting progressively warmer every day throughout the country, Texas is infamous for its blistering heat and constantly fluctuating weather forecast. Here at Cypress Lawn, we’ve compiled some helpful tips and strategies for spring lawn preparation.

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Keeping a Healthy Lawn in a Drought

This time of year in Texas always brings an unhealthy and miserable drought. It’s difficult to know exactly how to handle your lawn in this kind of climate, as the sun always seems to dry out all moisture, and with limited water sources, it can be difficult to know where that happy medium of keeping your lawn healthy without wasting resources is located. Here at Cypress Lawn, we’ve taken the time to compile a list of the best ways to keeping a healthy lawn in a drought. Continue reading