Using Water Wisely: irrigation installation and rain barrels

Cypress Lawn and Landscaping is all about saving the precious resources of water and the green resource in your wallet. In a climate that features more unforgiving summers than most, we like to consider ourselves professionals when it comes to designing an eco and wallet-friendly approach to watering your yard. Below are two tips for this spring. You may have heard of rain barrels and irrigation installation, but you’ve yet to realize their full potential. Continue reading

Lawn Care Services, Cypress

Cypress Lawn & Landscaping offers quality lawn care services to Cypress area residents that are personally tailored to your yard’s specific needs.  Our personalized lawn treatments are exactly what make us the number one lawn care company in the Cypress area!  We take great pride in delivering customized lawn treatments that will make your property the best looking on the block! Continue reading

Lawn Watering Service, Cypress

Having your lawn watered professionally is an important step in keeping your lawn as healthy as possible. Cypress Lawn & Landscaping provides beneficial irrigation services that will transform your yard into a vibrant oasis in no time!


Buying and installing a sprinkler system yourself may seem like an easy endeavor, but it takes experience to know how to get maximum coverage for the best price and to install the system with minimal impact to the existing landscape. Cypress Lawn & Landscaping suggests using our irrigation services to custom design your watering plan and to achieve the best results for your investment. At Cypress Lawn & Landscaping, we have thirty plus years experience in designing and installing sprinkler systems. Let us take the guess work out of your design for you. Installing an automatic watering system is definitely a worthwhile investment (especially in the hot Cypress weather!) and will let you enjoy the beauty of your landscape!


Watering your grass is a great way to keep your lawn healthy, but it also needs other services to make sure it remains in the best condition. Cypress Lawn & Landscaping offers our clients a detailed lawn service schedule that can transform any yard into a lush oasis. This schedule incorporates consistently mowing your lawn every week during the growing period and biweekly during the dormant season. We also detail the property once a month during summer and twice in the winter. All debris we create is promptly removed by us each and every time. Our service agreements also include taking care of your ornamental plant beds and even minor tree trimming. And our four-times-a-year fertilization schedule is exactly what your lawn needs to reduce any problem areas. When it comes to your yard, we do it all!


Let our lawn watering service bring your lawn back to life! Call Cypress Lawn & Landscaping at 281-387-9708 for your free estimate!

Landscape Lighting Installation, Cypress

Your landscaping not only deserves the best in maintenance and upkeep! It deserves the best in lighting design and installation, to highlight your beautiful yard and keep it looking lush and beautiful!


Cypress Lawn & Landscaping specializes in creating beautiful landscapes that fit your personality and lifestyle. We commit to the quality of our design services and attention to detail. We pride ourselves on making sure our clients are satisfied with the finished product, and that’s why we take the time to create a landscape design that works within your budget and increases the value of your home. The lighting we design for you will accentuate your yard’s beauty in the evening, creating special moments that you and your family will appreciate!


Keeping your yard healthy and looking lush is our primary goal at Cypress Lawn & Landscaping. Our landscape maintenance services help us do just that because we custom tailor your lawn care to ensure that it expertly treats your lawn specifically. We understand that your lawn isn’t only your playground and sanctuary – it’s a reflection of you! We keep this in mind when we establish a lawn care schedule that tends to all of your landscape maintenance needs. We mow every week during the growing period and biweekly during the dormant season. We also detail the property once a month during summer and twice in the winter. All the debris we create while mowing is thoroughly removed by us. Our service agreements even include taking care of your ornamental plant beds and minor tree trimming, ensuring we keep every area of your yard in its finest shape!


From lighting installation to maintenance, let Cypress Lawn & Landscaping cover all of your landscaping needs! Call us at 281-387-9708 and request your free estimate!

Tree Fertilizer Services, Cypress

With proper care and maintenance, your trees can flourish! Cypress Lawn & Landscaping in Cypress takes the time to accurately tend to your trees, spotlighting their beauty in your yard!


The key to a beautiful, healthy tree is keeping it properly nourished. Cypress Lawn & Landscaping will not only trim your trees, keeping them shaped and balance, but will offer deep root fertilizing services that will keep them in good health and growth. Simply spreading fertilizer around your tree base won’t cut it! To keep your trees healthy and vital, it’s important to have a balanced mixture of fertilizer and tree nutrients injected directly into the root base of a tree. This long lasting treatment is beneficial to your trees because it promotes your trees’ overall condition even through the harsher, colder seasons.


Once your trees have been injected with fertilizer, the soil around the base of the tree will automatically improve, allowing the tree to absorb more oxygen, water, and other essential nutrients through its root system. This treatment is often necessary for the trees in our yards versus the trees in more natural areas because our yards are comprised of grass and concrete that can hinder a tree’s ability to absorb the nutrients it needs. With our deep fertilizer injections, your tree will flourish in no time!


Our tree fertilizing services are necessary to keep your trees in their peak condition, but you can’t forget about your lawn! Our lawn services give your yard the quality care it needs to thrive. We’ve established a schedule that includes all of your landscape maintenance needs including mowing every week during the growing period and biweekly during the dormant season. We also detail the property once a month during summer and twice in the winter. And our four-times-a-year fertilization schedule will really improve the look of your lawn!


Our tree fertilizer services in Cypress are top notch! Call us today at 281-387-9708 for your free estimate!