Irrigation Design Cypress

Cypress Lawn and Landscaping tackles irrigation design Cypress

In the Houston area we’ve been blessed to see the rain clouds delivering their fair share a handful of times already this year. However, we’re not quite out of the drought danger zone this year, and water restrictions are likely to set in at some point throughout the Cypress summer months. When it comes to water restrictions, you want to get the most green out of your yard and wallet. That’s where hiring us for professional irrigation design is your answer.

Irrigation design, more than a few twirling sprinklers

Although you may think watering your lawn is as simple as tugging the swirling sprinkler foot-by-foot every 15 minutes, we actually engineer the solution for your yard that is most economical and environmentally friendly. It actually takes a licensed technician to install irrigation systems according to Texas state law, and the process is extensive. Each one of our technicians has additional training courses and continuing education to remain certified to design the best irrigation system to fit your backyard’s ecosystem. Each technician has completed the following:

  • They received at least 24 hours of continuing education and completed a basic training course as well as an exam that covers the installation, backflow, hydraulics and design of irrigation systems
  • Each irrigator is licensed and governed by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
  • Texas law has actually been written concerning who’s allowed to implement and design irrigation systems, and technicians are governed by Chapter 1903 of the Occupations Code as well as Chapter 7 and 37 of the Texas Water Code.

Local irrigation design quote

When you sign up for a free project estimate on our site, one of our licensed irrigators will evaluate your yard and discuss your landscaping needs as well as how they’ll best be approached. If you’re ready to water more consciously, give us a call today to see how we can help.

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