Landscape Mulch, Cypress

Cypress Lawn and Landscaping provides mulch installation for your Cypress landscape. Mulching your landscape gives your yard the look and feel you want and will also keep your soil healthy!


Landscaping mulch is a lawn necessity that Cypress Lawn and Landscaping provides its customers. Mulch is a material featuring elements like wood chips and compost and is spread over the surface of soil to help it retain water. Mulch inhibits weeds from sprouting and keeps soil temperatures from becoming too hot or too cold. It also protects sloping ground from soil erosion. Cypress Lawn and Landscaping offers landscaping mulch services that beautify your yard and keep it healthy!


Landscape mulch installation is one of the many yard services Cypress Lawn and Landscaping offers its clients. The lawn care we provide responds to your lawn’s specific needs with the highest quality service. All lawn care treatment is performed by a professionally trained specialist who lives and works in your area and knows all about the type of lawn care that’s best for you. And because we know that your yard is your playground, sanctuary and a reflection of you, we’ve established a schedule that includes all your landscape maintenance needs. We mow your lawn every week during the growing period and biweekly during the dormant season. We will also detail the property once a month during the summer and twice during the winter, and as always, any debris created by us will be quickly removed. Our service agreements even include taking care of your ornamental plant beds and minor tree trimming. And our proven four-times-a-year fertilization schedule is exactly what your lawn needs to keep it beautiful!


If your lawn could use our landscape mulch services, don’t hesitate to contact Cypress Lawn and Landscaping at 281-387-9708 to schedule your free estimate!

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