Licensed Irrigator, Cypress

When you remember to irrigate your lawn on Sunday, your idea of watering might be to let your 5-year-old loose with a swimsuit and a hose, and call it a day. What you probably don’t know is that it takes a licensed technician to install irrigation systems in Texas, and the process takes extensive learning and coursework to design water-efficient, beautiful lawns. At Cypress Lawn and Landscaping, we’ve got the licensed irrigation installer on board to keep your grass green under Texas laws.

Local licensed irrigator: What it takes

When it comes to installing an irrigation system, you probably didn’t know that our licensed technician received 24 hours of continued coursework by completing a basic training course as well as an exam that covers installation, backflow, hydraulics and design. Each licensed irrigator is governed by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. On top of this authoritative body, state laws including Chapter 1903 of the Occupations Code and Chapter 37 and Chapter 7 of the Texas Water Code. In this state, water is a precious resource and they go to great measures to ensure sustainability.

What’s more is a person is not allowed to sell, design, install, maintain, alter, repair, service or inspect any system unless they’re licensed in the state by the TCEQ or the owner of their home and property.

Irrigation installer, Cypress: What we’ll discuss

When we evaluate your lawn, our licensed irrigator will discuss and determine your landscaping needs and how they’ll be approached. It’s good to know that new landscaping will require more water than an established area, and we’ll also determine how long it should run based on rainfall. We’ll also plan separate irrigation zones for grass, because they require more water than trees. These are just beginning touching points. You can confidently leave the rest of the engineering up to us.

Licensed irrigator in Cy-Fair area: Look no further than Cypress Lawn and Landscaping

If you’re looking for a licensed irrigator to help you maintain a healthy lawn with sustainable practices, contact us today at 281-387-9708 for a free estimate.

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