Mosquito Repelling Plants, Cypress

With the summer season finally upon us, it’s time to lounge outside grilling, swimming, playing sports, exercising, and just hanging out. Our kids are out of school and will be outside playing for most of the day. But in addition to our heightened outdoor activity, mosquitoes will also be rampant. In order to enjoy the summer more thoroughly without getting covered in bites or smelling like repellent spray, Cypress Lawn and Landscape have compiled some of the most effective mosquito repelling plants to fill your backyard with:


In addition to buying citronella candles and torches, you can also plant the plant itself. Citronella is the most common natural ingredient used in formulating marketed mosquito repellents. The distinctive aspect of the citronella plant is its unmistakable and extremely strong aroma, which masks other scents from mosquitoes and lowers your chances of attracting them. Citronella is a long, clumping-grass plant, which can grow to be almost 5 or 6 feet in length, and are extremely easy to care for. Like most grasses, they do the best under a lot of sunlight in well drained and irrigated areas.


Marigolds are a commonly found decorative plant that can last the entire year round. On top of being beautiful, very inexpensive, readily available, and extremely easy to maintain, they also contain and produce the chemical Pyrethrum, a compound that is used in most insect repellents. An added benefit of the marigold flower is that it not only will repel mosquitoes, but also other insects that could attack vegetables, which is why they are commonly planted in gardens.

Ageratum Flowers

Ageratum flowers, also known as Flossflowers, are a very low-lying, decorative plant reaching between 10-20 inches in height. They emit a smell which mosquitoes find repugnant and will keep far away from. The flowers are very appealing, coming in blue, pink, purple, and white, and can be found quite easily at most home improvement and garden supply stores.

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