Protecting Your Lawn from Heavy Rains

Many areas across the country see heavy rains, especially in May and October, the wettest months of the year. Rain is important to irrigate plants, but too much can obviously cause serious problems. In addition to washing away any recent seeding, pesticides and herbicides can be transferred to unintended areas and into the water system. Landscaping can also see negative effects as water chips away at soil and can end up standing over plants if adequate drainage isn’t established. With some precautions and responses, however, you can minimize the damage inflicted on your yard by the heavy rains of Spring.

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How to Protect your Plants from the Cold

For those of us who live in areas that experience relatively mild winters – we are fortunate to be able to grow semi-tropical and/or tropical plants such as Bougainvillea, Lantana and Yellow Bells outdoors.So what can you do to help protect your frost-tender plants?  Cover them during the cold hours of night.  During the day, the soil absorbs the heat from the sun.  By covering plants in the evening, the covering captures the heat the the soil re-radiates out into the night. Cypress Lawn and Landscape has all the information on how to protect your plants from the cold. Continue reading

Fall Gardening Tips

No matter what part of the country you reside in, the fall makes certain demands on our gardens. Leaves will need to be raked, lawns will need to be mowed, mulch will need to be put down, and different vegetables survive better in the colder weather than in the summertime. While the list of fall chores can sometimes be daunting, at Cypress Lawn, we’ve developed some fall gardening tips to help keep your autumn maintenance to a minimum and get a bonus payoff with a shorter ‘to-do’ list come Spring. Continue reading

Fall Lawn Winterization

With winter fast approaching and the temperatures dropping every day, it’s important to know how you’re going to handle your lawn maintenance in the approaching months of cold weather. While it isn’t as simple as leaving your lawn and plants be, and tending to them occasionally over the winter season, it is quite easy. At Cypress Lawn, we’ve compiled a list of suggestions and tips for fall lawn winterization for your lawn. Continue reading

Toxic Plants for your Pets

It’s easy to decide on what plants and flowers to keep inside your house and to plant outside in your garden when you don’t have any animals living in your home with you, but when you get a pet, you need to be cautious of what some of these plants could do to them. For curious cats and careless dogs trying to devour some of these plants, they could end up getting very sick, and the results could even be fatal. Here at Cypress Lawn & Landscape, we feel it is our duty to inform you of the most popular toxic plants for your pets, so we’ve compiled the following list: Continue reading

Mosquito Repelling Plants, Cypress

With the summer season finally upon us, it’s time to lounge outside grilling, swimming, playing sports, exercising, and just hanging out. Our kids are out of school and will be outside playing for most of the day. But in addition to our heightened outdoor activity, mosquitoes will also be rampant. In order to enjoy the summer more thoroughly without getting covered in bites or smelling like repellent spray, Cypress Lawn and Landscape have compiled some of the most effective mosquito repelling plants to fill your backyard with: Continue reading