Tree Services and Upkeep

With the devastating cold front past us, and the ice on that covered our homes, lawns and trees beginning to melt, it is now time to begin thinking about tree maintenance for the upcoming warm weather, and spring and summer seasons. The winter chill may have frozen some of the limbs off of your tree and caused them to lose most of their leaves, but as new leaves begin to grow and green, Cypress Lawn and Landscape can afford you all of the necessary services to your trees and more! Continue reading

Spring Lawn Preparation

With the cold lifting, and the spring season quickly approaching, it’s time to begin preparing your lawn and landscape for the upcoming warm weather that will last throughout most of the year. While it’s getting progressively warmer every day throughout the country, Texas is infamous for its blistering heat and constantly fluctuating weather forecast. Here at Cypress Lawn, we’ve compiled some helpful tips and strategies for spring lawn preparation.

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Keeping a Healthy Lawn in a Drought

This time of year in Texas always brings an unhealthy and miserable drought. It’s difficult to know exactly how to handle your lawn in this kind of climate, as the sun always seems to dry out all moisture, and with limited water sources, it can be difficult to know where that happy medium of keeping your lawn healthy without wasting resources is located. Here at Cypress Lawn, we’ve taken the time to compile a list of the best ways to keeping a healthy lawn in a drought. Continue reading

Removing Tree Stumps

When renovating your lawn and redoing the landscaping, a common obstacle that often gets in the way of creating that perfect yard are trees. While trees can add to the beauty and ambiance of the way a yard looks, they can also post a safety hazard and a threat to the well-being of the household, especially in areas like ours with frequent hurricane watches and month long droughts. After chopping down a tree, its stump and roots can rest deep within the earth and can be a huge pain to dig out, often causing irreparable damage to your lawn. At Cypress Lawns we are prepared to supply you with tips on how to remove tree stumps from your grass without damaging the lawn beyond repair. Continue reading

Organic Ant Extermination Tips

Summertime is upon and as you know, that means ant mounds are bound to start popping up in our yards. What’s worse is when it rains, this can spread the ants to different parts of the yard, and get them in our pools and walkways. Luckily at Cypress Lawn & Landscaping we’ve got several tips and suggestions for organic remedies to keep ants from colonizing on your lawn and ruining your chances of walking barefoot in the grass without getting bit. Continue reading

Summer Lawn Maintenance

It is common knowledge that summertime in Cypress brings intense heat and humidity, which in turn causes our lawns to grow like a wildfire. Summer lawn maintenance should be a weekly habit, though with all of the heat we get, our lawns can sometimes suffer. If your lawn isn’t flourishing with that vibrant viridian green, here are some helpful hints on how to keep your lawn the envy of your neighbor. Continue reading

Using Water Wisely: irrigation installation and rain barrels

Cypress Lawn and Landscaping is all about saving the precious resources of water and the green resource in your wallet. In a climate that features more unforgiving summers than most, we like to consider ourselves professionals when it comes to designing an eco and wallet-friendly approach to watering your yard. Below are two tips for this spring. You may have heard of rain barrels and irrigation installation, but you’ve yet to realize their full potential. Continue reading

Yard Landscaping Cypress: 3 sustainable tips

So far this spring season, there’s a third cold front that’s about to hit Houston and a foot of snow landing in Colorado. However, that summer sun will soon be out to stay, and it’s time to get your yard in order. It’s no secret that we’re a band of professional irrigators that produce yard landscaping and design, so we wanted to share a few tips with you for this spring season. In the wake of Earth Week, we also wanted to circle the theme around sustainable landscaping practices that are simple enough to add to your backyard to-do list Continue reading