Prepare Your Lawn for Spring

With winter on the way out and warm days ahead, it’s time to get your lawn ready for the months ahead. Spending some preparation time on your soil, grass, and other vegetation now can save you time later and ensure a more healthy lawn for the time you and your family will be spending outdoors this year.

To prepare your lawn for Spring, there are a few steps you’ll need to take:

Evaluate your lawn: Take a few minutes to survey your lawn, taking stock of problematic areas, uneven spots, and how much work you have ahead of you. Depending on what the past year brought to your grass, you may be in for a tough recovery or just a simple seeding process.

Clean up debris and thatch: Start with a clean slate by removing any sticks, leaves, and dead build-up. To dethatch your yard, use a rake to remove the piled up dead roots and bits that cover the roots of your grass. This will allow any herbicides, seeds, water, and other things that you add to your lawn to more effectively reach the soil. Aerating the lawn will also help with this process, providing the grass with fresh air and allowing water and fertilizer to reach it more effectively.

Seed your Lawn: You may need to spot seed for bare areas or overseed your whole lawn to make your grass more full and thick. Before tackling problem areas, break up the soil to about 2 inches with a rake or till. This will help seeds to take root more easily.

Your lawn may need more care, depending on its condition, ranging from soil improvement to fertilizer. Bare spots may also need special attention for thorough repair.

By properly preparing your lawn for Spring and Summer, you can get a leg up on having a healthy, lush lawn for the whole year. As you gear up for the barbecues, pool parties, and outdoor gatherings of the season, ensure that you’ll have a lawn that you can be proud of with a few simple steps.


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