Removing Tree Stumps

When renovating your lawn and redoing the landscaping, a common obstacle that often gets in the way of creating that perfect yard are trees. While trees can add to the beauty and ambiance of the way a yard looks, they can also post a safety hazard and a threat to the well-being of the household, especially in areas like ours with frequent hurricane watches and month long droughts. After chopping down a tree, its stump and roots can rest deep within the earth and can be a huge pain to dig out, often causing irreparable damage to your lawn. At Cypress Lawns we are prepared to supply you with tips on how to remove tree stumps from your grass without damaging the lawn beyond repair.

Useful Tips for Removing Tree Stumps:

Stump Grinder: This is the easiest way to get rid of a tree stump. This machine literally chews up stumps and gets as far as 12 inches below ground level. It’s comprised of a set of carbide teeth that can grind up small- to medium-sized trees fairly quickly, though the larger trees will take a bit longer.

Hand-Digging: Digging by hand works best for small, shallow-rooted trees. Essential tools for this method include shovels, axes or a grub hoe with an axe head, loppers, and a root saw. This method requires digging until you find and expose the root, use the proper tool or tools to cut the root, and then apply the grub hoe to rip the root from the ground.

Chemical removal: One way of removing a stump is by using chemicals. There are several chemicals available at garden centers that will hasten the rotting of a tree stump—be sure to ask the representative at your garden center which chemical is right for you, and the proper way to utilize the chemical before attempting this process. The process involves drilling a series of holes in the stump and adding the chemicals into the holes. While this method definitely does speed up decomposition time, don’t expect it to be lightning-fast; the stump will still take a prolonged period of time to break down.

When it comes to maintaining your lawn, uprooting and removing tree stumps can be one of the most irritating and difficult aspects. However the above tips should help quell any fears you have of a desolate stump haunting your yard forever. For any and all other lawn maintenance procedures, schedule a free estimate online with Cypress Lawn and Landscaping for the best service in the area.

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