Shocking Health Effects of Good Landscaping

Believe it or not, your surroundings have a lot to do with your physical and mental well being. Surely many of us can attribute our health problems to the obvious everyday stressors, but in this particular post, we’re talking about a more subtle health-influencer. Multiple studies have proven that custom landscaping can play a pretty influential role in our well-being during our day-to-day lives. It may sound far-fetched, but there are legit reasons as to why our health may be affected by this outdoor design aspect. 

Good Landscaping Helps to Lower Stress Levels

Studies show that aesthetically appealing landscaping can actually reduce stress levels. When the trees, shrubs, and plants around your home or business are well kept, trimmed, bright, and healthy, they can aid in stress-relief. The greenery encourages higher levels of cortisol, therefore, when walking to and fro your Cypress home or business, you may unintentionally feel a lot more at ease after a simple walk to the door.

Good Landscaping Can Help Decrease Memory Loss

Maybe you’ve had a long day and for some reason, things just keep escaping your mind. When this happens, taking a short break to get some air around your custom landscaping arrangement can actually help boost your memory. It’s for the same reason that garden landscapes are preferred over urban landscapes when it comes to increasing one’s overall health; The more greenery the less health-clogging defects, the less greenery, the more health-clogging defects.

Good Landscaping Can Lower Blood Pressure

Many studies have shown that the presence of trees and greenery can actually lower blood pressure. One done in Japan particularly studied 280 participants, and monitored their stress hormone concentrations as they took a walk through a forest. The results ended up showing that the stress hormones were decreased by more than 15%, lowered the average pulse, and lowered blood pressure by just over 2%. This is why it is often recommended to take a walk outside when feeling angry or pressed. Being surrounded by the natural elements can be an active fighting agent against high blood pressure.

Good Landscaping has Recovery Properties

We’re not encouraging you to consider using a custom landscaping service in Cypress as a way to talk about your life issues, although some horticulturists do promote talking to plants to encourage their growth. If that is something you’d want to do, it certainly won’t harm you, however, the kind of therapeutic properties we’re talking about involve little to no words. Beautiful landscaping is said to have therapeutic properties that not only promote the health benefits mentioned above but, can further healing and recovery for both mental and physical ailments.

Custom Landscaping in Cypress

Landscaping provides benefits that far surpass the appeal of the visual aesthetic. Whether you are debating getting a custom landscaping job done around the yard of your home or you desire nice landscape onlookers can appreciate at your business residence, Cypress lawn is there to provide you with beautiful custom landscaping services that replicate your vision and far surpass your expectations. Contact us for more information about our custom landscaping services today.

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