Spring Lawn Care Cypress

Although it seems like summer never left this year, it’s time to prep your garden beds, native plants and your yard for the spring season. When it comes to spring lawn care, regardless if you just have grass or a full-blown landscape design, Cypress Lawn & Landscaping is equipped with the services and tips to get your yard green for spring.

Spring Lawn Care Services Cypress

It’s almost peak time for your yard to blossom and bloom, and from sprinkler systems to tree service, we cover every aspect of your backyard domain. Some of our useful spring services include:

  • Landscape design: If your yard needs some aesthetics added, there’s no better time to install landscaping. We not only make your yard beautiful with pathways, fountains, waterfalls etc., we also utilize native Texas plants that won’t skyrocket your water bill. Our native installations are hardy, drought-resistant, low maintenance and most importantly, striking. Some of our Texas plants include bottle brush, queen palms, yellow bells and knock-out roses.
  • Irrigation systems
  • Deep-root fertilizing
  • Mulching
  • Bed cleaning
  • Hedge trimming

Spring lawn care Cypress tips

Regardless of region, there are a few tips that can perk up any yard after winter including:

Aeration- After a few months of your children and dogs romping about the yard, it causes compaction that can have an adverse affect on a growing lawn. The grass roots don’t receive enough oxygen or nitrogen for proper growth. Aerating loosens the soil a bit to allow for better transfer of nutrients to the lawn’s root system.

Reseeding– The cool months of spring are perfect to reseed any barren, yellowing patches that may have cropped up. It’s also great to plant summer annuals and vegetables.

Fertilization- In order to promote your lawn’s balanced diet, spring is an important time to fertilize, because this replenishes the nutrients that may have been depleted over the winter. However, we make sure that your yard receives a balanced fertilizer so as not to stunt growth.

Yard service for spring

If you’re in the Cy-Fair area and your lawn needs a pick-me-up or other revitalizations for spring, contact us via our site, and you can even receive a free estimate.

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