Spring Lawn Preparation

With the cold lifting, and the spring season quickly approaching, it’s time to begin preparing your lawn and landscape for the upcoming warm weather that will last throughout most of the year. While it’s getting progressively warmer every day throughout the country, Texas is infamous for its blistering heat and constantly fluctuating weather forecast. Here at Cypress Lawn, we’ve compiled some helpful tips and strategies for spring lawn preparation.

Remove Dead Plants and Debris: Even though it doesn’t freeze over terribly bad in Texas, it still tends to get very cold for at least a month or two, resulting in fallen leaves cluttering upon brown grass and dead shrubbery. By beginning to rake away the debris and dead leaves from the winter cold that have collected on your lawn, you can open your grass up to soaking in more moisture and sunlight as the air gets more humid and the sun begins to shine for longer hours.

Apply Mulch and Grass Seed: As stated above, your plants and grass most likely have suffered due to the lack of sun and freezing temperatures that have been pervading our lives over the past few months. Because of this, it is always fruitful to apply new layers of mulch to your trees, shrubs, and bushes, as well as fresh grass seed to your lawn, to ensure that your lawn will be vibrant and green by the time the springtime rolls around.

Begin a Watering Schedule: While you may not have been tending to your lawn in the wintertime, you most likely have not been watering it either. Generally, homeowners tend to avoid and ignore watering their lawn in the winter seasons, but with the weather heating up yet again, it is time to begin a regular watering regiment so your plants and lawn may thrive. By watering at a specific time on specific days, your lawn will adapt to the amount of water it is receiving, allowing it to grow more freely and naturally, resulting in a more beautiful front for your home.

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