Sprinkler Installation Cypress

Although what seems to be copious amounts of thunder and rain have graced the Houston area, we’re still not out of the drought clear when it comes to a sustainable lawn this summer. If you’re still dragging hoses, the ones that don’t recoil when you’re done, another option is to hire Cypress Lawn and Landscaping to professionally install a sprinkler system to keep your grass alive and thriving this season.

Sprinkler installation Cypress, repairs included

You might question why to hire one lawn service company over another, but there is a significant sustainability and efficiency factor that comes with our guarantee. Owner Craig Herring brings 35 years of Texas lawn experience to the picture as well as his sincere commitment to the health of your yard. Craig uses his experience to help you as the consumer to get the maximum lawn coverage for the best price, all while promoting minimal impact to your existing landscape. Today the industry has widened to offer a surprising array of different system choices. At Cypress Landscaping, we like to take the guess work out of your decision, and we utilize Rain Bird and Hunter products to get the job done.

Note: Rain Bird products have a 5-year warranty plus a one-year warranty on our labor.

Services: Sprinkler repair, drainage installation and irrigation inspections

Our complete list of services include the following:

Sprinkler system design and installation

Sprinkler repairs: If you don’t need an entire system, we’ll just come out and fix a few

Drainage system installation and corrections: Improper drainage can lead to your yard’s erosion, ultimately costing you more money down the line

Irrigation inspections: Our licensed technician received 24 hours of continued coursework as well as an exam that covers installation, backflow, hydraulics and design.

Sprinkler system installation Cypress

Whether you need a new sprinkler system or an irrigation design, Cypress Lawn and Landscaping has the professional solution you’re looking for. Contact us today for a free project estimate.


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