Summer Lawn Maintenance

It is common knowledge that summertime in Cypress brings intense heat and humidity, which in turn causes our lawns to grow like a wildfire. Summer lawn maintenance should be a weekly habit, though with all of the heat we get, our lawns can sometimes suffer. If your lawn isn’t flourishing with that vibrant viridian green, here are some helpful hints on how to keep your lawn the envy of your neighbor.

Proper watering and water conservation is important at any time of year, but particularly when heat and a lack of rain lead to water deficits and drought. Always be on the lookout for early signs of wilt and dehydration to determine when your lawn needs water. Some signifiers of this could be grass blades that curl, and footprints that remain in the lawn long after it’s been walked through. While you can water your lawn at any time of the day, the best time to water it is early in the morning—as a rule of thumb, your lawn should receive about ½” of water per week, Doing it around this time decreases the chances of quick evaporation or water being lost to wind drift. Be sure to apply proper watering and maintenance to your shrubs, bushes, and trees as well.

Summer brings out the bugs. Always keep a watchful eye for signs of insects and insect damage. Insects such as chinch bugs and mole crickets can heavily destroy your lawn, while fire ants and fleas can be a nuisance to your family and pets. A quick and easy way to get rid of insects in your yards is to simple spread insect killer across your lawn directly after you mow and directly before you water your lawn.

Mow your lawn at the highest setting recommended for your lawn. Doing so will help shade the grass from the hot sun, and it will encourage deep root growth as well. But don’t let St. Augustine grass get too high, because it can cause problems with mowing and it will promote extra stolon and weed growth. It’s recommended to mulch your trees and shrubberies every 1-2 weeks, however if you mulch mow instead of bagging it, this will help your grass grow more healthily as well as add nutrients into the mulch, cutting back on how often you have to mulch, and how much you spend.

While many homeowners decide to mow the lawn in shorts and flip-flops and often without a shirt on to catch some rays and try to cool off, this is heavily advised against due to the safety hazards it causes; your mower could easily launch a piece of wood or a stray rock hidden in your lawn and possibly would you severely. It is recommended to wear pants and a t-shirt while mowing and weed-eating your yard. And while you’re tending and watering your lawn, be sure to keep yourself hydrated as well!

While maintaining the lawn is generally a top priority year round, it becomes ritualistic for summer weekends. These tips should help keep your lawn healthy and aesthetically pleasing not just during the summer, but over the entire year.

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