The Benefits of Lawn Aeration

Although aeration may sound like a frivolous treatment, it actually carries many benefits for your lawn. Commonly referred to as “core aeration”, or even “coring” or “spiking”, this process includes removing small cores from the soil of the lawn, opening it to air flow and refreshment.

Soil compaction occurs over time as foot traffic, sports, driving on soil, and other activities compress the air from the dirt, much in the way that a pillow goes flat over time. The tiny spaces between the soil allows water and air to reach the roots of your grass, allowing it to grow and remain healthy. Compaction cuts off this essential flow, stifle grass and preventing it from reaching its full potential. In many cases, turfgrass may even die or be unable to grow at all.

High traffic areas, such as corner lawns, school yards, sports areas, and parks are particularly susceptible to soil compaction. Thatch, consisting of dead grass and other dry materials can gather across the top of soil over time, preventing water, fertilizer, pesticides, and air from reaching the roots of grass. Aeration punches through this layer, reducing thatch accumulation and exposing grass to essential nutrients.

Benefits of Core Aeration Include:

  • Fertilizer is more effective
  • Grass is better able to withstand heat or drought
  • Water is better retained by soil, reducing runoff and puddling
  • Grass can grow more dense and healthy, creating a greener lawn
  • Grass is more resilient and provides stronger cushioning
  • Thick thatch is less likely to develop, helping the lawn stay healthy for longer


Since lawn aeration opens up access for water to effectively reach the roots of grass, this process can reduce the amount of water needed to water a lawn by half. Not only does this decrease the water bill of maintaining the grass, it also reduces wasted water, puddles, and excessive mud. Breaking up thatch and allowing water-flow can also reduce the number of unwanted insects around a lawn.

Different types of aeration equipment will perform differently, but a lawn care professional will be able to recommend an effective aeration process for your lawn. Taking the proactive step to aerate your lawn at least once a year can maintain healthy grass and improve your lawn dramatically.


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