Tree Service, Cypress

One of the main features of your lawn is your trees, and that’s why Cypress Lawn and Landscaping offers tree cutting services to Cypress residents. We want every part of your lawn to be perfectly cared for!


We all know that trees can survive on their own, but did you know that trees can truly thrive with proper maintenance or care? Cypress Lawn & Landscaping takes the time to carefully trim each of your trees. We will shape and balance the tree to promote good health and growth. Dead, dying and diseased tree branches are removed first, and then thinning and shaping complete the process. Any hazardous branches are removed completely from the tree, giving it a fresh appearance!


Not only can we trim your trees, we can install them too, complimenting the look of your well kept yard. We take care of your lawn just as much as your trees and utilize a four-times-a-year fertilization schedule that will keep your lawn growing lush. A professionally trained lawn specialist will determine the perfect lawn care that’s best for you, establishing a schedule that includes all your landscape maintenance needs. We mow every week during the growing period and biweekly during the dormant season. We also detail your property once a month during summer and twice in the winter. All the debris we create while mowing is removed by us.  Our service agreements even include taking care of your ornamental plant beds and, of course, trimming your trees. When it comes to your yard, we do it all!


Cypress Lawn & Landscaping is your local tree cutting service that wants nothing more than to keep your trees and lawn in perfect condition. Call us today at 281-387-9708 for your free estimate!

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