Tree Services in Cypress

When it comes to maintaining your overall landscaping and yard health, many people don’t realize the importance of tree maintenance. Just like your coveted azaleas, your trees need the same love and attention not only to survive, but to also thrive and stretch their branches to their highest potential. At Cypress Lawn & Landscaping, we offer top-quality trimming and maintenance services, and we strive for the long-term good health of your trees.

Tree trimming service

When most think of tree-trimming needs, it’s usually because a certain cypress might be blocking your driveway or slapping your face while outside lounging. However, tree pruning- even down to each cut we make –has a significant impact on a tree’s life span as well as its future growth. We invoke our knowledge of tree biology and balance each limb’s weight while avoiding tissue damage to parent limbs.

tree services Cypress

We appreciate their beauty as much as you do! Our tree services are top-quality.

Tree pruning service Cypress

Tree pruning resembles the more conscience cut of a barber versus a swinging axe of a brute-like logger. There are actually many approaches to the different pruning techniques such as:

Tree raising

Where we provide clearance for people, buildings, cars etc. by safely removing the lower branches of the tree

Tree cleaning

Where we evaluate the health of a tree, then remove dead, diseased, crowded or weak limbs so that the specimen can thrive and achieve maximum growth

Tree thinning

Thinning branches allows more light and air penetration for the tree. Once again helping its growth

Tree reduction

Reduction reduces the size of the tree towards the crown for clearance. We carefully evaluate which branches will remain to support the weight and health of the tree.

Tree cutting services in Cypress

At Cypress Lawn and Landscaping, we care about the beauty and the long-term health of your trees. Please contact us for a free estimate for your upcoming trimmings, because we want your trees to always wear a crown.



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